To get the most out of Tamriel, you need to learn how to use the game. It is an online RPG that’s set in the Elder Scrolls universe. This guide will give you the basics so that you can quickly get into Tamriel and make the most of your new world.


If you’re new to Tamriel Online, you might be wondering what it’s all about. The game offers a wide range of options, from character customization to battle arenas. The newest expansion, High Isle, adds a Breton theme to the game. This new region will appeal to those looking for an experience that’s unique to the genre.

Explore Tamriel at your own pace, and be sure to explore new areas and interact with other players. This will give you a better understanding of how the game works. You can also join guilds and follow faction-specific quest lines. Gathering resources is also a popular activity, as it allows you to craft gear, enchant equipment, make jewelry, brew drinks, and more. Woodworking is also a popular skill, and you’ll be able to create custom bows and shields.

Tamriel is an enormous, dynamic world, and the game offers tons of customization options. Once you’ve leveled up, you can explore every province of the continent. Some provinces are accessible only after completing certain quests, while others can’t be explored at all. You can also use weapons and do missions to help out NPCs. There are also many different classes to choose from, so you can customize your character to your liking.

The races in Tamriel are all unique. Each race has its own unique skills and talents. Some are good at magic, while others prefer melee. Choosing the right class can help you get the most from your character.


There are many areas in the Elder Scrolls series. The Overworld Zones are often considered neutral or disputed areas. Then there are the dungeons and other places that are unzoned. Historically, each zone was designed with specific content for different player levels. This was the case for The Elder Scrolls III as well.

The northernmost province of Tamriel is known as the Skyrim, home to the Nords. The southwestern province of Summerset Isles is also covered by forests and is home to the Altmer (High Elves). The southernmost region of Tamriel is known as the Valenwood, a densely forested subtropical region that is the home to many humanoid races, including the Bosmer and Imga.

The continent Tamriel is a vast one. For most of its history, the continent was divided into nine provinces. Three of the provinces in The Elder Scrolls are named after locations on the continent. The others are named for places within the world, including High Rock and Hammerfell. The continent Tamriel is located in Mundus, on the planet Nirn. Along with these five major continents, Tamriel is also surrounded by the Padomic Ocean. Other landmasses in Tamriel include Cathnoquey, Esroniet, Roscrea, and Yneslea, which are not considered to be part of any continent.

One of the most rewarding areas in Tamriel is the Shadowfen. Argonians are particularly fond of Shadowfen. There, players can learn about the Argonian Hist Trees and learn more about their culture. However, it can be a challenging zone. The swamps and lizards are plentiful, so players must be wary and watch out for enemies.


In Elder Scrolls Online, you can remap the default keybindings to change the way you play. The WASD and RMB keys control forward and backward movements, while the arrow keys allow you to move left and right strafe. Then, set the appropriate actions by pressing the desired key.

Cooperative content

Using Tamriel Online is an excellent way to explore the world of Tamriel with your friends. With this multiplayer game, you can work together to fight monsters and other players. It also lets you share items and horses. While there are several challenges to overcome, such as completing quests, you can enjoy cooperative activities while exploring the world of Tamriel.

Tamriel is a world that is constantly expanding and reimagined. The game allows you to explore a large part of the Tamriel continent, which includes many familiar locations from the series’ history. You can engage in large-scale PvP, dive into dungeons, or enjoy crafting and component gathering.

High Isle expansion

The High Isle expansion brings more side quests, dungeons, and caves to the game. The expansion also includes two new companion characters that can help you in combat. You can also play the new collectible card game called Tales of Tribute. It is a great way to grind for items and experience more of the world.

This expansion introduces new stories and new monsters. It includes a new 12-person Trial and features new companions, including Ember the Khajiit and Isobel Velois. It also adds new world events, including a mysterious Ascendant Lord, who wants to disrupt peace talks.

The Tamriel High Isle expansion is a good place to start if you are new to the game. High Isle is not the most visually exciting expansion, but it’s perfect for those who are just getting into the game. There are many new items that players will find here. It’s also a good place to start crafting.

The High Isle expansion is coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on June 21. This expansion will include two new dungeons. The PC version will have it first, but the console version will get the expansion on June 21. For more information, check out the update notes. These notes are for the PC version, but they may vary from the console version.

The High Isle storyline is full of intrigue and political maneuvering. ZeniMax wanted to return the story to Tamriel proper, but in the process, they focused on the day-to-day politics and struggles of the people of High Isle.

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