If you play Battlefield 4, you can now earn a free Tier VI Premium Russian destroyer – the Ognevoi. To learn more about the new ship, read the full update details and watch the overview video. In addition, this update also grants new bonuses and upgrades to existing Russian destroyers.


The Ognevoi will be a Tier VIII Destroyer in the World of Warships 0.6.1 Supertest Server. Stats for the ship may change before its final release. The Russian ship is a solid ship with decent armor and decent AA defences. It also has three fully-ranked Commanders that can be a tremendous help in winning battles.

The Ognevoi is competitive at Tier VIII and mounts 130mm guns. Its accuracy and rate of fire makes it ideal for harassing distracted targets. However, it can lose a single turret, which would significantly reduce its firepower. Luckily, the Main Armaments Modification 1 boosts the turret’s chance of survival. However, despite the Ognevoi’s improved close-quarters combat capabilities, it still cannot match American destroyers.

Its name is derived from the Chinese character for fox. A fox’s color is black and white, and it symbolizes strength. The fox has three eyes, one of which is yellow. It is also a good swimmer. It can achieve 10km tosokosokoDuo inode.


The Udaloi is a Russian destroyer that is one of the most advanced of its kind. It is large, fast, and has a large number of powerful main guns. It also has dual mounts and a good AB-X layout, making it a good counter for Tier IX destroyers.

The Udaloi’s armament receives a decent buff. The vast majority of its armament consists of long-range, large-caliber AA guns. With the proper upgrades and skills, the AA rating can reach 50. However, without a defensive AA ability, the Udaloi will struggle to shoot down many planes. Although carriers are very tough and can’t be sunk in one shot, Udaloi are still capable of taking down weak planes.

The Soviet destroyer branch was once very diverse. However, this branch has now consolidated the historical chronology and introduced more consistent ship types. This allows players to choose the most appropriate destroyer for their playstyle. Moreover, the destroyer leaders can engage in cruiser-like artillery engagement, as well.

Upgrades to Russian destroyers

The Russian destroyer line is getting a series of upgrades. These will include a larger main battery gun, better maneuverability, and faster torpedoes. These changes will improve the Russian destroyer’s overall capabilities and make it a more desirable option for gunboat players.

Initially, the Soviet destroyer branch was quite diverse. Some ships were representative of higher Tiers, while others were not. This created a difficult situation for players when it came to upgrading their ships. In addition, the historical chronology of the ships was interrupted by their production capabilities at the time the branch was released. However, the new branch offers a less difficult path to develop Soviet destroyers.

The upgrades will also improve the armament range. This will make it easier to maneuver heavily at medium and long ranges. This was a challenge for Soviet destroyers in the past. The new Russian destroyer line will allow players to upgrade their ships and take on more powerful opponents.

The Russian DDs fill a niche between cruisers and DDs. They have higher visibility and will use their guns often. They also have a high health bar, which will allow them to keep trucking for long periods of time. Despite their high visibility, they are also easily detected by other DDs and cruisers. Fortunately, they can use AFT and stealth fire.

The Ognevoi class of destroyers was designed to replace the old mass-production vessels. Its advanced design gave the Soviet navy more fuel oil space and increased autonomy. These ships were meant for the Pacific fleet. While the Russians did not get as many as they originally wanted, there were twenty-four of these destroyers in production.

Steel Redeemer campaign

The Steel Redeemer campaign is a five-week campaign where you can earn Legendary Ships and 80 milestones. Once completed, the campaign will give you access to the Tier VI premium destroyer Benham. This ship was a vital piece of history that saved hundreds of sailors during the Battle of Midway. In addition, you can unlock the ship one week earlier if you complete Hardmode. The campaign will also add improvements to the tech tree, making it more user-friendly.

In addition to the Steel Redeemer campaign, players can also earn Tier 6 destroyer Benham. Other updates to World of Warships include an improved communication system for teammates and improved Russian destroyer and Italian cruiser lines. The game also has a new Halloween event called Rust ‘n’ Rumble.

The new update to World of Warships includes the “Sector Alert” feature, which allows captains to highlight a section of the map. This feature helps them communicate in battle by giving them clear instructions. This feature is a great addition to the game, which has undergone countless updates. The latest update also brings more ships from World War one and two.

As a final reward for completing the Steel Redeemer campaign, players can upgrade to the famous battleship Benham, which saved hundreds of marins during the Battle of Midway. To unlock this ship, players must complete 80 obiettivi within five weeks. Although some players may be able to complete it faster, others might need up to four weeks.

The Steel Redeemer campaign has many different aspects and is a great place to spend your time. As you progress through the game, you will be rewarded with various items and a new set of abilities. These skills are crucial in obtaining a high score and a reputation.

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